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If you’re heading off road for a camping trip, it’s likely you’ll need some sort of extra power source to power your camping accessories. Your general car battery may be able to power some accessories, however it’s not designed for this and will run flat, leaving you stranded on your camping trip. A dual battery system is the solution, providing a secondary power supply that is designed to power your campsite’s accessories.

Regardless of where you want to install your second battery, KickAss has a Dual Battery System for every application. Our wiring kits provide everything you need to install your auxiliary battery yourself.

Watch our video on the left to learn everything you need to know about Dual Battery Systems for Vehicles/Trailers & more.

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KickAss Battery Box Inverter Cable

KickAss Battery Box Inverter Cables Designed specifically for KickAss Battery Boxes!

Anderson Style Connector to Alligator...

50 Amp Anderson Connector with Alligator Clips