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12V Battery Chargers

12V battery chargers are a must-have for any renewable power setup. If you’re planning to use an auxiliary 12V battery to power your campsite accessories, then you’ll certainly need a compatible charger. 12V battery chargers come in many varieties, so you’ll need to select what suits you based on your personal requirements. Things to consider include whether you’re after an AC or DC charger, your battery specifications, and whether you need to charge AGM or Lithium batteries. If you have a variety of batteries to keep juiced up, then KickAss also provide several universal 12V battery chargers that are compatible with both AGM and lithium as well as lead acid. 


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KICKASS 12V 22 Amp -...

The Kickass 12V 22 Amp 9-Stage Automatic Battery Charger, purpose-built for charging 12-volt lithium batteries, including lifepo4, with precision and...