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12V Solar Panels

12V solar panels are a must-have for any camping, caravanning or 4WD setup, as they truly allow you to get something for nothing. Harness the sunshine, and convert it into energy that will power your secondary battery or appliances. 12V solar panels come in a wealth of varieties including fixed glass panels, folding panels and solar blankets. There are also a huge range of accessories, regulators and controllers to choose from, all of which will help your  panels maximise their efficiency. At KickAss, we sell a range of 12V solar panels, all of which are engineered using top quality monocrystalline cells for maximum power output. They’ll even continue to generate power in partial shade, so you don’t need to be constantly checking and repositioning. 12V solar panels are a must-have for a sustainable off-grid power setup. 

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Glass Top Roof Top Solar...

Glass Top Roof Top 12V Solar Panel 170WBypass Diode The bypass diode will maintain the solar panels output in the event the...