12V Sandwich Toasters

Craving a hot lunch? Nothing beats a golden, crispy toastie cooked in your own camping jaffle maker. Sometimes, a simple sandwich just won't cut it. Our camping toaster makers deliver piping hot, perfectly crispy toasties every time. Designed specifically for outdoor setups, they easily plug into any 12V power supply, giving you the luxury of a hot toastie without the hassle of carrying a heavy cast iron sandwich press. Like all our kitchen appliances, our camping toaster makers feature a non-stick, food-grade Teflon coating. Enjoy the convenience and deliciousness of a perfectly made toastie on your next adventure!
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12V Sandwich Maker - KickAss Products USA.  Portable Travel Griddle
KickAss 12V Griddle Grilled Sandwich Toaster
Get Grilled Sandwiches! Use with a 12V Connection and have lunch warmed up on the go!
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