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Batteries & Systems

Our portable 12v battery boxes are heavy duty battery solutions that can be mounted securely into your car, camper or trailer. You can simply remove your battery box from your vehicle if you don’t need it taking up space, or if you want it to reach other appliances at your campsite.

The Integrated KickAss 25A DC-DC charger on the battery box allows you to charge and maintain your battery from solar panels or your vehicle's alternator. Meaning you are not resticted to just charging your battery at home!

We offer a range of battery boxes that provide a solution for any camping setup, whether you are looking for a standard battery box or a battery box with all the bells and whistles.

Check out our Ultimate Dual Battery System Video, which covers dual battery fundamentals, chargers and isolators, a vehicle wiring and installation guide and more!

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12V 140 Amp Dual Battery...

Our Fully Automatic Voltage Sensitive Relay isolates your auxiliary battery from your starter battery eliminating the possibility of fully discharging...

12V 140 Amp Dual Sensing...

Featuring a massive 140 Amp current rating the KICKASS® advanced Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR) with override is a specially designed...