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The KickAss premium grade accessories socket and housings range includes the most common connection ports to power your low voltage equipment. Featuring heavy duty housings for durability and high grade internal connections for enhanced reliability you can be assured that these accessory sockets and housings are built to last.

Watch our video to learn more about our socket and housings range and their applications. 

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KickAss Battery Box Inverter Cable - KickAss Products USA
KickAss 12V Battery Box Inverter Cable
Designed specifically to connect your inverter to the 12V KickAss Battery Box.
Sale price$39.00
Anderson Style Connector to 10mm Ring Terminals Adaptor - KickAss Products USA
KickAss 50A Anderson Style Connector to 10mm Ring Terminals Adaptor
designed for powering appliances with Anderson plugs directly from a 12V battery. It features a 50 Amp Anderson connector connected to 10mm ring terminals via a 6mm cable
Sale price$29.00
KickAss Powerstation - Battery Box Vehicle Recovery Cables - KickAss Products USA
KickAss Battery Box Vehicle Recovery Cables
Secifically designed for KickAss Battery Boxes, providing a reliable and efficient solution for vehicle recovery. Features built in surge protection!
Sale price$49.00
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KickAss Jumper Cables - 1000 Amp - Surge Protected
Robust jumper cables utilize premium full flex 78.54mm² cable, allowing you to effortlessly start larger vehicles with significant cranking demands.
Sale price$69.00
Anderson to Double Anderson Style Adaptor - KickAss Products USA
50A Anderson to Double Anderson Style Adaptor
Twin Core Double Sheathed Cable Length: 8.6" and has a 50A current. Includes 1 year warranty.
Sale price$24.00