KickAss 12V Battery Box Inverter Cable

Our inverter cable is equipped with a 175A Anderson Plug for secure connection. Features copper wire conductors, which offer excellent conductivity and durability.

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KickAss Battery Box Inverter Cables

The KickAss Battery Box Inverter Cables are specifically designed to connect the KickAss 700W & 1200W Digital Pure Sine Wave Inverter to the battery box.

  • Compatibility with AGM 120AH Battery: The 700W inverter is the maximum recommended size for the KickAss 120AH AGM Battery.

  • Compatibility with Lithium 120AH Battery: For our KickAss 120AH lithium battery, the maximum recommended inverter size is 1200W.

  • Operational Recommendation: Using high-powered inverters at full capacity for extended periods may cause the DC supply cables to become hot to the touch. We advise using the inverter at full power for no more than 30 minutes at a time.

  • Easy Anderson-Style Connection: Features a 175Amp Anderson-Style plug for straightforward connection to the KickAss battery box, ensuring optimal power delivery with plug-and-play simplicity.

  • High-Quality M8 Ring Terminals: Copper M8 ring terminals provide a secure connection via the inverter screws, ensuring seamless integration between your battery box and inverter.

  • Superior Crimped Connections: Heavy-duty crimped connections on both ends ensure reliable performance, designed to withstand rigorous use with devices such as phones and laptops.

  • Flexi Pipe Cover for Extra Protection: Includes a flexi pipe cover to safeguard cables from nicks and tears, securing them in place and prolonging their durability for a dependable product over time.

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Width 1"
Height "
Length 49"
Weight 1.5lb