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KickAss 12V AGM Battery Linking Cables

KickAss 12V AGM Battery Linking Cables

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    Product Information

    These cables allow you to link batteries in parallel to create a battery bank and increase power capacity. 200mm, 12V, rated to 100amps. Suits 4WD & light commercial vehicles.

    Remember to always correctly connect your batteries according to your desired application


    • Length: The cables are approximately 7.87 inches long.
    • Battery Joiner: This pack includes two cables, one black and one red.
    • Cable Gauge: The cables are 6 B&S (Battery & Starter) gauge, suitable for connecting batteries.
    • Voltage Compatibility: These cables are designed for 12V systems.
    • Current Rating: They are rated to handle a maximum current of 100 amps.
    • Hole Size: The lug (connector) has a 0.39-inch hole.


    WIDTH: 0.7"
    HEIGHT: 0.2"
    LENGTH: 10.08"
    WEIGHT: .22lb